The new trend in design is minimalistic. The design emphasizes the main message and highlights the details that recipients require. The design also makes your business card to remain professional and raise the profile of your business. Hire the best economics homework assistance to enable you to deliver captivating assignments.

The choice of design will depend on the nature of the business, your position, and possible recipients. Businesses in serious sectors like banking and security require a design that inspires confidence. If you are in the creative sector, your card should send the message of a playful character who will light up and event.

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Business cards must also be aligned to the character of your brand. They should reflect the expectations that customers have or perceptions you wish to instill in recipients whenever they get your card. The card will represent you and leave a memory in the mind of a recipient that will cause him or her to think about you whenever a gig opportunity arises.

The choice of graphics, fonts, name sizes, borders, and such other aspects of your card should indicate professionalism. A professionally designed card makes the recipient believe in your skills and ability to meet his or her expectations. The choice of minimalistic designs is the latest trend and is having a sweeping effect on the market. Here are ten minimalistic designs that will make your business card stand out. 

  • Plain Background

The background of a business card is one of the elements that make it crowded and cluttered. Designers will add images, graphics, and pictures of products on sale. The card will appear bulky, and some of the information may be lost in the process. A lot of attention goes to the images and graphics instead of the contacts and position of the holder of the card. Keep the background plan and, where possible, use white color.

  • Simple Logo

Companies create complex logos to represent brands and products. These logos are recognizable and recommended for a business card. However, the best business card is one where the logo does not overshadow the important information that recipients are supposed to carry. Use a simple logo at the edges so that personal information on the card is highlighted.

  • Borderless Card

Boarders have a way of making your card solid. However, this is a mundane design that is also restrictive. The current trend is to create a card with minimum to no border. Information appears to flow out of the card. Such a card is light to the eyes and will have a lasting impression on the recipient.

  • Dual Colored Card

The number of colors on a card determines the reception it gets in your circles. Too many colors will clutter the card. A maximum of two colors is recommended. The colors must be complementary to achieve a balanced effect.

  • Open Space Design

There is no rule on where names or graphics on a card should appear. An open space design leaves you at liberty to change positions based on personal preference. You have to reduce the graphics or images on the card so that the design remains simple.

  • No Pictures

Only use words on your business card. The name of the holder, his or her position, and the website of the business are enough. These are important details whenever a client needs to give business.

  • Emphasis On Your Logo

Do not allow graphics, names, images, or such clutter to overshadow your logo. This design works for brands that are already recognized. It helps you to compete at a visual level.

  • Textured Card

Exploit the idea of texture to compete for attention. A plain paper or card does not capture attention anymore. Texture makes your card unique and memorable. It also shows a thoughtful brand that is ready to stand out.

  • Just The Name

A name is powerful, sometimes more than the brand. This is because customers are served by people and not companies. It gives the impression of an employee in charge of his work. This is what clients are looking for.

  • Futuristic Card

3D, technology, space, and such other designs are inspiring. Add the futuristic element to capture the imagination of your potential clients. You must not appear outrageous in your attempt to use the futuristic design.

Minimalist designs are now more attractive and will leave an impact when used on the card. Choose a design that suits your brand. Though you are inspired by other cards, your own business card must be unique to capture the imagination of recipients.