20 Exclusive Wavy Fonts for Free Download

Fonts play a very important factor in presenting the visual appearance of a design as well as the nature of a product. With the numerous font styles available today, you have the benefit to choose the right style that will fit your needs depending on the nature and purpose of your design project.

And if you’re thinking of adding words or any typography, then a nice font style can help you. As we love to experiment on cool designs, why not try out Waved Font Styles. Here, I have compiled a list of 20 most amazing free wavy fonts for Photoshop. You can download these fonts free of cost.

They are all for free, so dig in and download as many as you want. Maybe you’re interested to take a look at the following articles: Free CSS Based Widgets for WordPress, High Quality Free Illustrator Brushes, Cool Minimal Print Advertisements and Beautiful Simple Tattoos Ideas.

1. Royal Inferno

Royal Inferno

2. Cactus Sandwich

Cactus Sandwich

3. Waver


4. Channel Font

Channel Font

5. Espesor Olas Half

Espesor Olas Half

6. Zebra Print Font

Zebra Print Font

7. Spin Head

Spin Head

8. Spyced


9. The Boatman

The Boatman

10. Smoking Tequila

Smoking Tequila

11. AlphaWomanHair


12. Amaretto


13. Slick Wave

Slick Wave

14. Structure Wave

Structure Wave

15. Shirtsy Font

Shirtsy Font

16. Chainsawz BB

Chainsawz BB

17. Moscoso Font

Moscoso Font

18. Feedback BB

Feedback BB

19. Early Tickertape

Early Tickertape

20. Dolphin Ocean Wave

Dolphin Ocean Wave