175+ Cool Free Photoshop Vintage Brushes to Download

Free Vintage Photoshop brushes can help you save time and at the same time money in creating awesome retro-looking design  in Photoshop. Vintage art has been very successful because it has a wider reach since it is being appreciated by both the young generation and those who were lucky enough to experience living in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Vintage designs has gotten very popular over the past years, and it seems the trend keeps on going.

In this awesome showcase of vintage brushes, you’ll find 175+ vintage Photoshop brushes you can download for free. So you will have a broad choice of brushes to apply onto your designs. Each brush set was first tested, and the images you see below are previews of what to expect from each brush pack.

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4. 17 Free Vernors Soda Brushes

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Vintage Girls – 22 Free Brushes

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11 Vintage Models Brushes

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Free Retro Style Car Brushes

10. Old Signs – 10 Free Brushes

Old Signs

11. 8 Assorted Vintage Brushes 2

Assorted Vintage Brushes 2

12. 20 Old Postage Stamp Brushes

20 Old Postage Stamp Brushes

13. 48 Cosmopolitan Brushes

48 Cosmopolitan Brushes

14. Package – Vintage Grunge – 2

Package - Vintage Grunge - 2

15. 18 Vintage Paper Brushes

18 Vintage Paper Brushes

Above is a compilation of some of the best vintage Photoshop brushes from around the web and they are free for you to enjoy. Feel free to download these images for your perusal.