Over 100 Ultimate Free Wood Textures for Photoshop

Texture plays a major role in conveying a variety of messages and emotions. Textures are those which reflect the smoothness or crudeness of a surface with the minute details. Wood textures are very common, most especially if your daily routines include walking in areas bounded by trees or if your homes are surrounded with wood.

In fact, some designers are suggesting that wood has become the new glossy style while some are saying that wood is the new white. Since there are a lot of high quality wood textures available, and a wide variety to choose from. Therefore I have collected great free wooden textures for Photoshop from many sources. Check out!

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Wood Texture For Designers

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Brown Bark Tree Texture

3. Wood Texture 3

Wood Texture 3

4. Bruised Red Wood

Bruised Red Wood

5. Fabulous Dark Wood Texture Patterns

Fabulous Dark Wood Texture Patterns

6. Tree Wood Texture

Tree Wood Texture

7. Formica Wood Grain Texture

Formica Wood Grain Texture

8. Old Tree Bark Texture

Old Tree Bark Texture

9. 13 Wood Textures Set 2

13 Wood Textures Set 2

10. 45 Wood Textures for Photoshop

45 Wood Textures for Photoshop

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6 Wood Textures

12. 8 Stunning Wood Flooring Textures

8 Stunning Wood Flooring Textures

13. Abstract Texture Background

Abstract Texture Background

14. Free Wood Textures for Backgrounds

Free Wood Textures for Photoshop

15. Photoshop Wood Texture

Photoshop Wood Texture

16. Wood Texture – Old Door

Wood Texture - Old Door

17. Weathered Wood Texture

Weathered Wood Texture

18. 9 Wood Panels Texture Set

Wood Panels Texture Set

19. 14 Wood Textures

14 Wood Textures

20. Diospyros Peregrina Tree Bark Texture

Diospyros Peregrina Tree Bark Texture

These images were captured by several of some talented photographers and designers through their lenses. Use it wisely! If you have any wood textures collection please share with us. What is your favorite texture? Let us know in the comments below!

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