30+ High Quality Free Metal Textures for Photoshop

Metal textures can be very versatile for web and graphic designers, so finding new high-quality textures is always helpful. There are over a thousand high resolution free metal textures that you will find in this list which can be used for architectural renderings, animations, game design and any other computer graphics and artworks including web design.

Here are 30+ free metal textures to add spice on Your Design. Again, most textures are available under a Creative Commons License so make sure to check the main source about the agreements.

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1. Free Metal Textures By MericG

Free Metal Textures By MericG

2. Texture 12: Metal

Texture 12: Metal

3. Metallic Grid Texture

Metallic Grid Texture

4. Texture – Foil 1

Texture - Foil 1

5. Metal Floor

Metal Floor

6. Cool Metal Texture

Cool Metal Texture

7. Rust Textures 1

Rust Textures 1

8. 4 Metal Textures

Metal Textures

9. 4 Hard Metal Textures

Hard Metal Textures 01

10. Metal 37

Metal 37

11. Texture Set III Rusty Metal

Texture Set III Rusty Metal

12. Rusty Metal Grate

Rusty Metal Grate

13. Metal 40

Metal 40

14. ULV Metal Plate Texture

ULV Metal Plate Texture

15. Metal Texture 7

Metal Texture 7

16. Metal Floor Texture

Metal Floor Texture

17. 10 Corroded Metal Textures by Borysses

10 Corroded Metal Textures by Borysses

18. Texture Metal Rusty

Texture Metal Rusty

19. Metal Fence Texture -tiled

Metal Fence Texture -tiled

20. Stock Illustration: WireMesh 1

Stock Illustration: WireMesh 1

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