Roundup of The Best Gray Pattern Backgrounds

As a designer, background Photoshop patterns are one of the many things which i found still fascinating myself. Gray is the color between the two contrasting black and white. It is a mixture of these colors creating a distinct look. Today, in this post I have collected grey pattern backgrounds for Photoshop. Hope you will found these list for useful to your projects.

1. Escher Stairs

Escher Stairs

2. Dark Tile

Dark Tile

3. Gentleman of Quality

Gentleman of Quality

4. Dark Square

Dark Square

5. Road Blocks

Road Blocks

6. 9 Gray Seamless Photoshop Patterns

9 Gray Seamless Photoshop Patterns

7. Elephant


8. Mariposa – Dazzler

Mariposa - Dazzler

9. Minimal Gray

Minimal Gray

10. Vote Gray

Vote Gray

11. Umbrella Rain

Umbrella Rain

12. Stand In

Stand In

13. Everywhere it Rains

Everywhere it Rains

14. Whos His Taylor

Whos His Taylor

15. Sticky Spring

Sticky Spring

16. Skippy


17. Kitsch


18. Crazy Swirls Dark Pattern

Crazy Swirls Dark Pattern

19. Squid Pattern

Squid Pattern

20. Gray Block Pattern

Gray Block Pattern

Well, as you can see, even gray can look great in patterns. Enjoy working on your projects while you look into our collection of free patterns.