What Lies Ahead for SEO in 2015?

It is common knowledge that Google updates its algorithm around 500-600 times every year, even if we only get to hear of the major overhauls, like the Penguin, Hummingbird and Panda updates.  It is therefore normal to find SEO experts rethinking their SEO for, and throughout the year. We take a look at what you need to know about SEO in 2015.

The basics will remain the same

Top SEO companies, like Click Intelligence Cheltenham SEO, explain on their websites that the basics of the best white hat SEO campaigns haven’t changed much in the past decade, and this means business as usual for white-hat SEO marketers. Successful SEO is all about what you say about your business or on-page SEO and what everyone else in your niche thinks about you.   As long as you continue to churn out great content, use the right keywords, use the right techniques for informational website design and make your content shareable, you really don’t have to be worried about those hundreds of Google updates per year. It is trying to take short cuts that will get you into trouble.

The importance of mobile SEO will continue to grow

In the past, mobile SEO was simply redirecting a mobile visitor to a mobile page, or just using a responsive design, but that has changed. There is a whole lot to mobile friendliness, like the positioning and font-size of your links, the scrolling options available on the page, and so on. Google can tell you if your site is mobile friendly or not if you use this tool here. Sites that are not mobile friendly will not rank well in Google, nor will they get a good response from an ever more demanding online mobile consumer.

Companies will think like publishers even more

Company websites will no longer post writer articles in the name of the company. Instead they will credit writers for text articles, videos and podcasts. This will be hard for many companies to implement but it is really what the search engines will want to see this 2015 and beyond. Real people with real profiles are beginning to gain more weight than companies.

Older content will be optimized more

Existing content that has brought in the best results in terms of traffic and leads will be optimised and updated further by businesses instead of writing only new content. This is because more people will understand the need to continue improving old content while writing newer copy this 2015.

Links and Keywords won’t wield as much power as before

The algorithm changes of the past year confirmed that search engines are reducing the importance of keywords while placing more emphasis on quality and educative, useful content. So in 2015, websites will be ranked based on what the search engines think your site is all about instead of just what keywords were used.

Video optimization will grow in popularity

The average consumer is 64% to 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. This explains why the demand for video SEO experts rose by nearly 60% in the last year. Businesses want to make sure their video content is ranking nicely.  One trick that has been deployed by some of the successful Video SEO experts is to submit videos that have been properly optimised to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, instead of just YouTube.

These are some of the things we can expect to see this year in the SEO arena. As always, the landscape is changing.