Building a functional website has never been easier than it is today – users have access to ready-to-use content management systems, advanced website builders, and tons of web design and web development tutorials that can help them achieve the results they want. There’s something for everybody – from web development tutorials for the people who want to build a page from scratch to flexible website builders that allow you to build a website without having to write a single line of code. In this post, we’ll focus on website builders, and more specifically on one new and intriguing service that goes by the name Makea. The Makea website builder has been around for just a few months, but it has already helped hundreds of users create eye-catching and feature-rich websites which look as if they cost thousands of dollars to make. Thousands of dollars is a lot of money, right? Well, you can rest assured that money won’t be an issue if you opt to use Makea’s services because they offer free access to all of their website builder’s features.

What Websites is Makea Suitable For?

Static websites are long gone, and noways a website needs to provide users with access to a broad range of features that will fulfill all of their needs. Naturally, these dynamic features are usually difficult to implement, unless you have experience in the web development field. Thankfully, Makea’s authors have taken the necessary measures to ensure that all pages create via their service will easily be edited to include all sorts of features, pages, and widgets that you can think of. In need of a gallery? Makea offers one-click gallery integration, but the best part is that you can customize your gallery to use different grids, transition effects, autoplay and styling options.

Looking to start an online shop? E-commerce solutions can easily cost thousands of dollars, but why pay such staggering amounts of money when has a free solution that can be tailored to fully suit your needs? Want to express your thoughts? Simple and advanced blogging platforms are one click away thanks to the Makea website builder.

Apart from having modules for everyone, Makea also offers its users access to a rich library of free templates that can be tailored and combined to achieve unique results! All the editing magic happens via the Makea’s drag & drop website builder that makes the process of website creation feel like child’s play.

Makea.Website Truly Caters To The Needs Of Their Users

Many people will prefer the free website building solutions that Makea offers, but the builder’s owners have also taken into consideration that some of their clients may be looking for more advanced services. This is where Makea’s paid subscriptions come into play – starting from $7.95/month, users can tailor their very own website building and hosting plan that meets their demands and budget.

White-label website builders are also gaining popularity, and it is safe to say that this is one of the departments that Makea excels in. Their white-label opportunity starts at just $250/year and subscribers get unlimited website licenses, and full access to the builder’s features and template library.

It is rare to see a website builder that perfectly knows the needs of both experienced and inexperienced users. The website editor that Makea uses will be enjoyed by both groups, and the rich how-to section ensures that inexperienced users will never run into problems while using any of Makea’s tools. Their ‘Help’ section includes how-to tutorials, video lessons, and 24/7 support team that is ready to assist with every bug, issue or obstacle that users might encounter.