Making Your Print Materials Social

Most people looking to spread word about their business often make the mistake of keeping print materials separate from online campaigns. This is a wrong approach. Properly combining print materials and social media makes it easy for you to share your message interactively while increasing exposure for your business.  It will also ensure your print materials are not just spreading the word about your business but directing users to any online presence you may have.

Here are some tips you can incorporate to make your print materials social.

Always include your Facebook URL

It is not enough to simply ask people to find your business on Facebook in your prints. You need to give them the exact address to make things easy for anyone with intentions of connecting with your business on Facebook. Again before you add your Facebook URL to print, make sure you the URL is properly customized. A typical Facebook URL that isn’t customized will read It will take a great level of patience (which no one has these days) for someone to find you with that address. Something customized like YOURBUSINESSNAME on the other hand is easy and straightforward.

Always include your Twitter URL

As is the case with Facebook, don’t forget to include your twitter URL in your prints. Thankfully, the twitter URL is only as long as your handle makes it to be. Dean Williams at A4 Booklet Printing says “including your social media links in your brochure, business cards, print adverts etc. is a great way to gain offline followers”.

Share customer reviews with their social media profile in your prints

Granted, some customers may not like the idea of having their social media handles displayed on prints that may end up getting shared all around the country but you should explore this option. Everyone is mindful of fake reviews and scam, so testimonials that have verifiable addresses (in this case social media) will go a long way in making your prospects trust your business more.  They can search out the owners of the testimonial online for more information about your business!

Develop a QR code and place it on the print

The possibility of any recipients of your print materials owning a smart phone is very high. This makes it important for you to make it easier for them to use the smartphone to find more information about you. A QR code is best suited for this. QR code means Quick Response Code and it is basically a two dimensional coded image that offers information as soon as a QR code reader is pointed to it.  So, if your prospect is too busy to read through your print, all he or she needs to do is point the QR code reader on his smartphone to the QR code to get quick information about your business.

Your business card shouldn’t have just phone and address details

Take a look at many business cards today and you will find just phone and office address as the only contact information displayed. Even when the business has a website, some ignore adding it to the business card. In this time and age, the chances of a prospect contacting you on social media are higher than chances of calling over the phone. So, you need to be sure your business card is driving people to all your online business profiles.

With these tips, you can create a connection between your print materials and your social media profiles.