Experience The Freedom of Professional Website Building with Webydo

Web design is presently comprised of two distinct roles – designing & coding. While the designer is responsible for handling the design, graphics, and typography the developer is responsible for manually coding in HTML, CSS and other programming languages. There is often a clash of egos between the designers and the developers when it comes to creating a website. Considering the fact that 70% of the cost involved in the project goes to writing the code, designers are losing out on salary and valuable time with their clients. For a developer it would be ideal to choose a website builder and be free from coding. But the fact is that most DIY website builders fail to deliver professional quality results and have a poor 3% market share.

This is where Webydo steps in and is shaking up the professional web design industry. All you need to do is design the site and Webydo’s patent pending code generator will automatically convert your design into a W3C valid code. Webydo is a powerful web design platform for designers, by designers and currently catering to 25K designers worldwide. It is providing you with the features to focus on the creative side not even think about writing a line of code.  This platform allows you to create a plethora of websites your client wants including community networks, ecommerce sites and much more.

Super-Efficient Designing

The Webydo dashboard allows you to work on several responsive sites simultaneously. Powering this is a robust design management system (DMS) that allows you to experiment with your creativity to the fullest. You can start with a blank canvas or use pre-designed layouts to save time. It offers you drag-and-drop features that’ll allow you to easily upload elements such as shapes, images, texts, videos, flash, galleries, forms, widgets and menus. Once the designing is done it automatically converts your design into an updated HTML code and a CMS (Content Management System).

Content Management System (CMS)

A challenge that a lot of designers face is handing over the project to a client to make changes or edit. How do you ensure that you offer access to the client and also ensure the design will not be tampered with? Keeping in mind, that most clients will have only a basic understanding regarding web design. This is where Webydo knocks the competition out of the water with their content management system (CMS). Providing web designers to lock certain elements while at the same time, opening up the website to be edited or updated by their clients. This ensures that the client won’t spoil the design element of the while they are updating the content.

Highly Secured and Super-Fast

Security is one of the most important aspects of any website and Webydo has built a comprehensive security mechanism that protects your website from any kind of unauthorized access. Apart from this you will also benefit from scheduled automatic backups that are monitored on a regular basis to prevent the site from being compromised by the hackers. Along with speed the speed at which the site loads also plays a role in its success. Here, you will benefit from Webydo’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is a large network of servers placed across the world. This system also duplicates your website and places it on the worldwide network of servers so that it can be reached from the nearest server providing maximum speed.

Easy Hosting Solution

After you’re done putting the finishing touches on your website, Webydo will offer you an easy hosting solution. You can host your site free on its sub-domain to test the site or you can connect a custom domain from its Premium Page where you will be able to choose from advanced hosting solutions. Unlike other hosting sites, where you have to spend time setting up a website, Webydo provides you with integrated solution for hosting a site where there is nothing to set up or tie in.

To sum up Webydo, comes as a huge relief for web designers by providing them with a professional platform to completely focus on their designs and client’s needs. This powerful website creator is empowering designers to set high standards in in their creative space. As the leading B2B website builder, Webydo is giving the power back to the web designers to vote on what features should be added next on their Participate page. Join the designer’s revolution and create freely.