When you plan to start a new website, either for your business or just as a hobby, you need to think in advance about your audience and how you can reach them as fast as possible. The good news is that there are plenty of useful marketing methods that will generate great results for your business without costing you a dime.

Also, you need to think of the costs for creating your website and if you want a website for start-up business or for a hobby, you can find solutions on how to make a website for free with services like Wix.com

Now, let’s talk about some of the best options for promoting your website at no cost at all. You can also view this blog post by Wix to get even more ideas for your website promotion.

1. Email Marketing

You need to find and target the niche you’re in and use the proper tools to reach them. After you establish your audience, you need to create a stunning design for your newsletter, to grab the attention of you potential clients.

One of the best way to do this, for free, is to go and check Wix Shoutout, which includes an intuitive editor that is easy to use and make it your own, with a responsive design and a lot of other options that will make your job simpler. You can also find already designed templates that you can personalize with your own products or services.

This is perfect for announcing a sale, promoting a new product or reaching out to customers. Wix ShoutOut, Wix’ e-mail marketing service, has a drag’n’drop editor making it easy to customize colors, fonts and pictures in every newsletter.

2. Social Networking

You will have to find the best social networks that your potential clients use. A good start is to start with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google, where you can find a large number of users that can be targeted for what you need.

Also, it’s important to integrate these networks into your website, making it easier for your clients to share their choices with their friends. Today’s traffic, to any website, comes from the social networks and you need to be able to grab some of it for your website too.

3. Free Indexing

After you created your website, the major search engine networks need to know that you exist and the first thing you need to do for this, is to create webmaster tools accounts with Google and Bing or any other local search engine.

This process is a simple one and can be created by anyone, if you follow the instruction you receive after creating your accounts.

It’s important to do this only after you finished the work on your website and eliminated all the non-essential pages, because if you index your website with links or pages that don’t work, in the future you will not gain the authority needed to rank as high as possible in the searches. So, please take a very close look at your website when you think it’s done.

4. SEO Optimization

Another important step. Is for you to make sure you target relevant keywords for your products or services, and insert them into your website. At a quick search you can find a few tools that will help you make sure you put the right meta keywords and meta description in to your website.

The best free option we found is offered by the guys from Wix.com and they have options like: SEO Wizard, Site Analytics, Communication Tools and many other features to help you have a successful start with your website.

5. Quality Content

Make sure that you write quality content for your website, describe your services or products the best way possible.

After the many changes that Google has done in regards to website ranking, you need to know that the quality of your content and the way your clients interact with your website, represents about 80% of the process. This is why you need to make your website simple to use and easy to understand for everyone.

6. Give life to your website

Make sure you write your content in a way that will allow your clients to see the benefits of buying from you or working with you. As we like to say, you are the only person that knows your products or services the best.

Create individual pages for each product and bring them to life with animations, complete details, in a way that you will let your customers realize that they need that item.

7. Website Interaction

Make sure you let your clients interact with your website through a live chat feature or give them the option to leave comments or to write testimonials about your services and products.

Also you need to answer to all your potential clients’ requests as fast as possible or just simply activate an automatic response from your website, to let them know they got your attention and you will get back to them with a proper solution for their request.

We hope that our suggestions will help you start your website promotion and what you are planning to do on the online market.