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15 Amazing jQuery Slider Tutorials

A slideshow is a display of a series of chosen pictures, which is done for artistic or instructional purposes. jQuery sliders are most commonly used on portfolio sites or displaying featured articles on a site. With the help of jQuery you can easily create neat, elegant and versatile site components with dynamic effects, and therefore [...]

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15 Useful jQuery Drop Down Menus Tutorials

jQuery is most popular thing in internet we also see jquery slideshow. Using jquery developer make design very well. Dropdown menus have been there since web design had become the important part of our lives. Although a must in almost all websites, but still they are high on demand. There are numerous options in dropdown [...]

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25 Cool jQuery Tutorials for Web Developers

jQuery is everywhere, its fast and versatile, and is rapidly becoming as common on websites as CSS. jQuery definitely is one of the biggest trends coming in up to date designs and the best of all, everything is done without countless code lines. It’s been a major part of a designer’s career and giving so [...]

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