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A List of Cool Minimal Print Advertisements

Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade its viewers to take some action. They must deliver powerful messages which attract people’s attention. In addition to this, it always impresses you when something absolutely simple is capable of expressing more than you would imagine. Minimal ads are always popular for their simplicity, single image, [...]

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25 Awesome Minimalist Print Ads

Minimalist print ads teach you why minimalism is clever and important for your brand advertisements. The universal advertising ideas are to get a message across in a straightforward and efficient way regarding a product or service. The resulting ads are often funny, like visual a one-liners, sometimes enigmatic, and, at their best, are inventively lucid. [...]

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25 Promotional and Creative Advertising Ideas Around the World

Somebody has truly quoted that “There is no second chance in making first impression”. Advertising is one such phenomenon that requires catching the attention in the very first sight otherwise it will be called as failed. Advertisement is basically representing the main theme of company behind a specific product. Mostly an advertisement contains a public [...]

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