30 Most Beautiful Space Textures for Photoshop

Photoshop provides designers with unlimited options for creating unique and attractive backgrounds. A well used texture can increase the beauty of the web design as well as make it more worthy and real. Textures are always high in demand among the designers. Space textures are another source for creating the more beautiful website backgronds.

So today’s freebie collection, I have collected 30 amazing free space texures pack which are designed to be used as background images for space scenes. This selection includes images of nebulae, galaxy, planets, starfield, sky and more. You can also take some inspiration to make ravishing space textures of your own. Enjoy this huge list of 30 photoshop textures.

1. Space T4L Texture

Space T4L Texture

2. Space Texture Free to Download

Space Texture Free to Download

3. Starfield Texture

Starfield Texture

4. Free Space Texture

Free Space Texture

5. Free Space Fantasy Universe Pulsar Texture

Free Space Fantasy Universe Pulsar Texture

6. Space Oddity

Space Oddity

7. Texture – Space

Texture - Space

8. Fantastic Space Texture 1

Fantastic Space Texture 1

9. Green Space Texture Background

Green Space Texture Background

10. Red Space Texture Background

Red Space Texture Background

11. Blue Space Nebula

Blue Space Nebula

12. Deep Space

Deep Space

13. Grungy Space Texture

Grungy Space Texture

14. Elegant Space Texture for Photoshop

Elegant Space Texture for Photoshop

15. Space the Final Frontier Texture

Space the Final Frontier Texture

16. Space Odyssey Free Texture

Space Odyssey Free Texture

17. Space is so Beautiful – Texture

Space is so Beautiful - Texture

18. Nebule Storm

Nebule Storm

19. Space Dust

Space Dust

20. Wonderful Space Texture for Free

Wonderful Space Texture

21. Space Background Nebula

Space Background Nebula

22. Glow Texture – Space

Glow Texture - Space

23. Space:1-X


24. Galaxies – Seamless Texture

Galaxies - Seamless Texture

25. Mercury Horizon Space Texture

Mercury Horizon Space Texture

26. SciFi Planet Texture

SciFi Planet Texture

27. Space Background Orange

Space Background Orange

28. Amazing Nebula Texture To Download

Amazing Nebula Texture To Download

29. Space Texture 2

Space Texture 2

30. Gold Nebula

Gold Nebula

I hope that this space texture collection could be useful for the space-themed projects your are working on. If you have any space textures collection please share your link with us via commensts.

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